DonnyG-150509_178-WebHi, I’m Donny Gruendler — welcome to my site. I am a Los Angeles based drummer, producer and tech head. I play on (and sometimes compose, play synths and/or produce) records for artists at all level of success. I enjoy working with people that care about music, and that want to push the boundaries of what they can currently accomplish musically.

I also love sampling, mangled-synth-textures, electronic noises, funky grooves, MPCs, all styles of music and anything with an infectious beat. I have received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Music from Berklee and Wayne State University respectively — all while playing with with Rick Holmstrom, DJ Logic, The Funk Brothers (Motown), DJ A-Ski (Unique 74), Kenny Burrell and John Medeski. I also have written a few instructional books and DVDs — and taught at Musicians Institute. Currently I’m working with Art Bleek and Charlie Sputnik toward our new electro-acoustic record. If you are interested in discussing a musical project or checking out my PTHD drum recording studio…I am happy to forward you a high-quality demo and talk any time.

DonnyG-150509_178-WebDonny Gruendler was born and raised in the diverse Musical surroundings of Detroit, Michigan. As a result, Gruendler grew up alongside an unusually broad range of influences including: Soul, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop, traditional Swing, Hard Bop, and Blues.

At age twenty, Gruendler graduated from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s of Music Degree. At age 21, he earned his Master’s of Music Degree from Wayne State Univ. in Detroit, MI. Now living in Los Angeles, Gruendler has performed, programmed, toured and recorded behind such artists as: Kenny Burrell, John Medeski, D.J. Logic, the Funk Brothers, D.J A-Ski (Unique 74), Rick Holmstrom, and Kirk Fletcher. He has composed and/or played on jingles for Axe Body Spray, RE/MAX on the Boulevard, and NPR. Okayplayer describes their productions as cosmic brilliance delivered via a well-stirred pot of soul, jazz, rock, funk and gospel. His select film/TV credits include Last Holiday, Father of Invention, and the Showtime feature Chicago Overcoat. Donny is also a noted producer under the Pseudonym Inc and one half of the Funky-Soul-Electro duo Rhett Frazier Inc. Okayplayer describes their productions as cosmic brilliance delivered via a well-stirred pot of soul, jazz, rock, funk and gospel.

In the education realm, Gruendler is Vice President Curricular Development Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California, and he is the author of Playing With Drum Loops (Carl Fischer), Seeing Sounds (Hudson Music), Private Lessons (Hudson Music) and Dubstep Drumming (Hal Leonard). Donny is also a member of the Modern Drummer Education Team and a frequent columnist for the magazine.

I’m a drummer, producer, writer, multi-instrumentalist and Inc. is my production alias. It was given to me by my musical partner Mr. Rhett Frazier, because Inc. is — a dirty word. It sounds like work. It sounds hard. It is…………. Because Inc. builds things: beats, grooves, phrases, songs, albums, projects and enterprises. To make them properly, I build them here at Inc. studios.

Located in Los Angeles, my private studio is designed to track drums and/or a live rhythm section. The live room features enough busses and headphone feeds for each instrumentalist to dial in their own mix and if you wish to film – you can fit a full camera crew. (I tracked and filmed both my DVDs, Drum Guru iOS material and the Yamaha/DTX/Paiste site promo content here.) The control room features a fully equipped Pro Tools HD3 rig and a wide assortment of preamps.

Gear Highlights
• Fully-equipped Pro Tools HD3 Accel
• Digi-192 Converters
• API Preamps
• Enough separate headphone busses/feeds to track a live band
• PTHD 10.2
• Tons of Softsynths and creative software, including and Ableton Live 9 Suite, Native Instruments Komplete, The Arturia V2 Collection, Fxpansion D-cam Synth Squad.
• Vintage MPC’s — Including the MPC 3000
• NI Maschine MKII
• Ableton Push
• Baldwin church organ w/ foot pedal bass

Drum Highlights
• Mapex Saturn V (Maple/Walnut) in all sizes w/ 18,20,22″ BD (10,12,13,14,16,18)
• Yamaha Maple Custom in all sizes w/ 16, 18,20,22″ BD (10,12,14,16,18)
• Yamaha Recording Custom (Birch) w/ 20,22,24, 26″ BD (10,12,14,16)
• Gretsch 1960s Round Badge w/ 22″and 20″ BD (12,13,16)
• 1930s Radio King 6.5″x14″
• 1950s WFL 5″x14″
• 1940s WFL 4″x14″
• 1960s Supraphonics (5 and 6.5)
• 1960s 6-lug Ludwig 5″x14″
• 7×12 and 6.5×14 Brady Snares
• All Paiste Cymbal Lines